Work Permit in Vietnam

According to new policies and decrees over the past few years, filing documents for work permit application have many changes. Based on the new decree, employers will now have to apply for a permit and explain their need to hire foreign workers.

work permit

So what are the conditions and procedure to apply for work permit? Please contact Gia Hop at 0966 078 777 for assistance.

Conditions to apply for work permit

  • Foreign workers must be 18 years old and above;
  • Must be healthy to work;
  • Clean criminal record;
  • For foreign workers who work in medical, pharmacy and education must have enough credentials as regulated by Vietnam’s law.

Filing documents for new work permit application

Please bring the following to Gia Hop

  • Original passport or scan copy of passport with visa page and immigration stamp;
  • Health check certificate;
  • 2 4×6 photos taken in white background;
  • Criminal record;
  • Certificate of specialist, proof of expert, manager, executive.

Depends on specific cases, there will be other documents needed. For information on specific case, please contact us at 0966 078 777.

Work permit application service at Gia Hop

Besides work permit application with sponsor company, we also provide work permit application for individuals without company.

For better understanding of the application procedure, you can contact us via our phone number, or leave your information in the chat box on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible.

With years of experience, we understand the regulation and changes in the law regarding work permit, provides support for difficult cases. We will guarantee to help you get a work permit as fast as possible.

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