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Foreigners usually receive Vietnam visa via the following 3 methods:

  • Receive visa from Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in foreign countries.
  • Receive visa from international airport.
  • Receive visa from Vietnam landport.

Among those methods, receive visa from international airport is the most common.

However, due to changes on visa regulations, some tourist visa and visa exemption cases are not allowed for extension in Vietnam, thus, foreigners have to leave the country once their visa expired.

Once foreigners exit the country, if they want to return and stay in Vietnam for a long term, they will need to apply for visa approval letter with the right intention and a new visa category.

As a result, by applying for visa at Moc Bai landport, it will not cost much in commuting and save time when foreigners want to change their visa category.

Visa application at Moc Bai landport

Moc Bai is located in Tay Ninh Province, lie on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, about 70km away from Ho Chi Minh city. It will take approximately 2 hours to go to Moc Bai from Ho Chi Minh city.

When foreigners enter Vietnam with the wrong purpose, they will have to leave Vietnam and reapply for the Visa that reflects their true intention to enter Vietnam.

If foreigners do not wish to return to their home countries, or if they want to save time and money in travelling, it is possible to apply for a visa at Moc Bai.

However, if foreigners do not know about the law and visa regulations, it is not an easy task. Hence, Gia Hợp provides visa application service and will pick up customers at the immigration port. We will solve the problem as fast as possible.

Filing documents for Visa Approval letter at Moc Bai landport

For customers who are using Gia Hợp service will need to provide a scan copy of their passport, or provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of entry

Once we have received all the information from you, after 1-2 days, customers will receive their Visa Approval Letter at Moc Bai landport. Besides, we also provide urgent service, visa approval letter application on weekends.

Once customers have received their visa approval letter, they will proceed to collect their visa at the immigration port. Customers will have to bring the following documents:

  • Passport
  • 2 3×4 photos (taken in white background)
  • Visa approval letter

Immigration instructions at Moc Bai landport

  • Once arrive at Moc Bai, customers will give the immigration police their passport and visa.
  • Then, they will be instructed the procedure to exit Vietnam, and enter Cambodia via Bavet immigration port, about 100m away from Moc Bai. The immigration process at Cambodia will take 15 minutes per person.
  • After customers exit Bavet, they will proceed to enter Vietnam via Moc Bai. The procedure will take 15 minutes per person.
  • At Moc Bai immigration port, customers will submit the visa application documents, and get the new Vietnam visa adheres into their passport
  • Gia Hợp also provides pick up service at the immigration port.

For more information, please contact us at hotline 0985281441 for consultant and assistance.

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