Legalization and Notarization service

Consulate legalization service includes: legalized Vietnam documents for oversea usage and legalized foreign documents for usage in Vietnam or at any other countries.

When documents are legalized, it means these documents are valid and can be used in other countries

Why documents need to be legalized or notarized at the consulate?

For foreign documents to be recognized and legally utilized in Vietnam, those documents need to be acknowledged by Vietnam authority.

Documents will be acknowledged through seal, signature and title on those documents.

Filing documents for consular legalization and notarization

The documents that need to be prepared are the following:

  • Consular legalization and notarization declared form.
  • Identification card, passport.
  • Requested documents to be legalized/notarized by the Consulate.

The following documents cannot be legalized by the Consulate:

  • Fixed, corrected documents not listed under regulations of law.
  • Documents that contained contradicted information.
  • Fabricated documents.
  • Documents that contain unoriginal seals and signatures.
  • Documents contain damaging and wrong information regarding the interest of the government of Vietnam.

Consultant service at Gia Corp

  • Legal consultant about business and investment procedure in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on procedure involving business opening, business dissolution etc…
  • Legal consultant about the filing process for business registration or investment registration.
  • Consulting on procedure and regulations involving Work Permit, Visa extension, Vietnam Visa, Visa approval letter, temporary resident card etc…
  • Consulting on the visa application process for China, Japan, South Korea etc…
  • Filing and submiting documents to government authorities.

If you need help in Consular legalization/notarization or other services, please contact us via our hotline number 0966 078 777.

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