Extend Work Permit in Vietnam

extend work permit in vietnam

How to extend work permit for foreign workers?

Work permit is usually valid for 2 years, and once it expires, and foreign workers still wish to work in Vietnam, they need to extend their permit.

Employers are responsible to extend work permit for their foreign workers. So what’s the procedure like? We will explain in the following.

Work permit extension procedure

In order to extend the work permit, it must be valid for less than 45 days and more than 5 days.

quy trình gia hạn giấy phép lao động gia hợp

Filing documents for work permit extension for foreign workers

Please bring the following documents to Gia Hop

For foreigners

No. Customers need to provide Note
1. Scan of passport with the visa page and immigration stamp.
  • Please provide your Visa date of expiration.
2. Health check certification
  • Must have legal seal on joining pages and photos.
  • The certification is only valid for one year from the date of issue.
3. 2 4×6 cm photos
  • Must be taken in a white background, without spectacles.
4. Previously issued Work Permit

For employers

  • Please provide employer’s business certification or proof of investment (If applicable).
  • Previously issued Work Permit (If applicable).
  • Total number of workers, foreign workers in the company (If applicable).
  • Description of the job position in need of foreign workers.

Depends on specific cases, other documents might be required. For better understanding the procedure, please contact 0966 078 777. You can also leave a message on our website giahop.vn, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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