Converting foreign’s driver license to Vietnam’s driver license for foreigners

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If you are a foreigner who are currently residing in Vietnam and have a driver license, you will have to convert it to a Vietnam license to drive legally by regulations of law.

It is not simple to convert a foreign license to a Vietnam license for people who do not know about Vietnam’s law and regulations.

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Difficulties you will face when you convert the license by yourself

  • Takes lots of time to file documents.
  • Waste time to go back and forth for missing documents.
  • Long queuing line.
  • Problem may arise, thus unable to convert the license.
  • Cost much time and money.

File documents to convert foreign license to Vietnam license

Please bring the following documents to Gia Corp and you will get result in 5 days:

No. Documents need to provide
1. Driver license (original or scan copy)
2. Passport (original or scan copy)
3. Vietnam Visa/Temporary resident card (Scan copy)
4. Temporary resident address in Vietnam


Please note: our fees have already included translation fee, notarization fee, document filing, issuance of license and license pick up. All you have to do is to come with us to the Department of Transportation to get your photo taken for notarization.

Procedure of converting foreign license to Vietnam license

doi blx quoc te

License conversion service at Gia Corp

Coming to us, it will not take much time and money. We will always guarantee:

  • Clear and competitive price.
  • Guarantee no additional price during the service procedure.
  • Receive your documents and return the result directly.
  • Accompany customers to Department of Transportation.
  • 100% success rate.
  • After 5 days, you will receive your Vietnam driver license.

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What you should know about Vietnam driver license:

  • The license validity is equal to the validity of your temporary resident card/visa.
  • If you have a license issued by a foreign government, it must be converted to the respective license in Vietnam.

Gia Corp company provides services which will convert foreign driver license to Vietnam driver license, international driver license etc… With the assistance from our experience staffs, we guarantee to fulfill your requests.

Please contact us anytime at 0966 078 777 for the best and fastest assistance.

6 thoughts on “Converting foreign’s driver license to Vietnam’s driver license for foreigners

  1. Manie Edwards says:

    I’m planning a holiday trip (3 months visa) to Vietnam and want to do some motorcycle riding as well. How much should I expect to pay for your license conversion services and what can I do in advance to reduce the waiting time.

  2. Rolf Huber says:

    I need my driver licence to be converted from a UK licence
    Please let me know the cost and procedure
    thank you

  3. Perucca says:

    Hi I would like to know the price to convert a french driving license in Vietnamese in Hanoï ?

    • Dương Nguyễn says:

      The cost of driver’s license conversion in Hanoi is $130. For more detailed information, please contact the hotline at 0966 078 777.

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