Company establishment in Vietnam

Complete business establishment service package

Gia Hop is one of the top company in Vietnam that provides and process business establishment service. With our years of experience in providing legal consultation, we guarantee to provide our customers with the best service.

Business establishment procedure

In order to establish a Limited Liability Company or a Joint Stock Company, please bring the following documents to Gia Hop:

  • The expected name of the company (our staffs will assist in naming the company, to comply with current law and avoid any duplication).
  • Copy of identification card/identification number/passport of the company’s legal representative (General Director/Company’s President, etc…) and other members of the company.
  • Your area of business, so we can check and register your business.
  • Company’s chartered capital and percentage of capital contribution from each member.

Depends on each specific case, there will be additional document required, to know the exact documents require for your specific case, please contact us via this number 0966 078 777

Customers will receive the following results

After 4-5 business days, you will receive the following results:

  • Business registration certificate;
  • Company’s seal;
  • Title seal (Chief Executive Officer, General Director, Company’s President);
  • New business establishment information will be posted on national digital information board;
  • Report from tax authority;
  • Filing documents for business establishment (company’s charter, number of members, nomination decision).

Customers will also be assisted in the following:

  • Make company’s sign;
  • Open a bank account;
  • Tax declaration and submit License tax

Business establishment service procedure at Gia Hop

Conditions and procedure to establish a private business

You are confused in the definition of private business? And you would like to open a private company but you don’t know where to start? Please come to Gia Hop for clarification of all your questions.

Gia Hop is a company with years of experience in consultation and business establishment. Let’s find out the conditions and procedure to establish a private business.

What is a private business?

Based on Item 1 Article 183 of Business Law 2014 stated that

Private business is a business established by an individual who will own and take full responsibility for the business by committing all of his/her asset for all of business activities.

Conditions to establish a private business

General conditions

  • Business’ name does not coincide with other businesses in the country.
  • Company headquarter: legally established, with a clear address.
  • Business area: the business area must be within the national system of business, or comply to the law of business;
  • Capital fund for private business: ensure legal capital for business requires legal capital.

Specific conditions

  • Company is owned by an individual.
  • Each individual can only own one private business, he/she cannot own a proprietorship, or partner in a partnership.
  • Private business cannot release any kind of bonds or stocks.
  • Private business cannot contribute fund or buy shares in another partnership company, limited liability company and joint stock company.

Filing document to establish a private business

  • Identification card or passport of business owner (Notarized true copy valid for no more than 3 months).
  • Request document to open a private business. Legal capital confirmation document, work certificate from the director and staffs.

Private business establishment service at Gia Hop

  • Complete consultation on private business establishment procedure.
  • Complete filing documents, submit documents, receive results on customers’ behalf.

Gia Hop guarantees to complete all the procedure regarding private business establishment, change of business certificate, as well as other type of business establishment.

For all inquiries, please contact Hotline for detailed consultation.

Hotline 0966078777 gia hợp

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