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Complete service for business dissolution

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Based on Law of Enterprises, if a company is planning to dissolute, it will have to go through many complicated procedures. If you are not experienced, you will not know where to start and how to file for documents.

Complete service for business dissolution

Enteprise dissolution is the best option for all investors who decided to stop a business operation.

  • When a company’s business activity is not efficient and profitable, it will lead to the decision to dissolute the company.
  • You have difficulties during the dissolution procedures, you are not sure of the regulations regarding enterprise dissolution and you have not found the solution for your problem?

Gia Hop’s complete service on enterprise dissolution will be the best option for any businessmen who wish to stop all business activities of their company.

Our service package for enterprise dissolution satisfies the realistic needs of businessmen

  • Many enterprises have lots of problem during the dissolution procedures due to complex paperworks. If you do not know about the detailed procedure, it will take much time to dissolute your company.
  • Save time and money for enterprises.

Specific steps for enterprise dissolution

Enterprise dissolution procedure at Gia Hop

Advantages of complete enterprise dissolution service

  • Our service will help you shorten the time for the dissolution legal procedure.
  • Complete your files according to government regulation.
  • Business establishment will not have to pay for any fees from government authority.

Please contact us for free consultant any time. You will be assisted with the best and the most professional staff by using our service.

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