Conditions and procedure to apply for work permit for foreign investors

work permit for foreign investors

When foreigners wish to reside in Vietnam for long term, they will need a work permit to legally work in Vietnam, and a temporary resident card to legally reside in Vietnam.

For investors who are founders or capital contributors to a company in Vietnam, they will be granted a 5-year temporary resident card. So how do you apply for temporary resident card for investors? What is the procedure? We will answer all the questions in the following.

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Conditions to issue temporary resident card for investors

  • Valid passport
  • Foreigners’ current visa is of the right purpose (investment visa is categorized as DT)
  • The investment certificate or business registration certificate must show that foreign investors invest money into the company.

Filing documents to apply for temporary resident card for foreign investors

If you are using Gia Hop’s service, please provide the following documents:

  • Scan copy of business certificate or investment certificate.
  • Scan copy of passport, visa and immigration stamp.
  • Scan copy of work permit
  • 2 2x3cm photos taken in white background

Location to submit temporary resident card application for foreign investors

Documents submission location is Immigration Department or authorized immigration office

Processing time

Based on government regulation, for temporary resident card application, the processing time will be 5 business days, counting from the day that authorized office received application documents.


For detailed information regarding temporary resident card or card extension, please contact us via phone number 0985281441 for complete consultation to specific cases.

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