With the goal of providing the most complete, accurate and fastest information to customers, Gia Corp Visa’s content editorial board always updates the most necessary, fast and accurate information from reputable sources to help customers and their customers. Dear readers, you will have the latest and most complete information.

website editorial board giahopvisa.com

The content editorial team on the website https://giahopvisa.com includes:

1. Responsible for content

Dang Thi Thuan - Gia Hop Marketing Manager Full Name: Dang Thi Thuan

Date of birth:  Born in 1987

Experience: Head of Marketing Department of Gia Corp International Services Joint Stock Company. Expert with 06 years of consulting on work permit procedures, visa extension for foreigners, consulting support for temporary residence cards, immigration documents,… Responsible for content on the giahopvisa website .com

2. Editor


Le Thi Ly Full Name: Le Thi Ly

Date of birth: Born in 1998

Hometown: Thanh Hoa

Experience: Legal consultant, Content editor

Pear Huyen Thuong Full Name: Vu Huyen Thuong

Major: Bachelor of Economic Law

Introduction: Thuong is a bachelor of economic law with more than 5 years of experience in legal consulting for foreigners. At the same time, Thuong also has a passion for sharing knowledge with everyone through the content that Thuong writes on the website giahopvisa.com. Thuong hopes that the information I share will be of some help to readers, helping them better understand the issue they are researching.